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Like Tyson, CEO, Hex 7, 2027

Like said that:

"Robot-Boxer Ni-xeR model: A - an innovation in the world of toys: the embodiment of the fighting of robots from the movie "Real Steel" in reality. To control the robot, there is no need to press any buttons - just hit the remote control, and the robot will repeat your movements! The W101 robots boxers are designed for boxing fights between two robots. A sensor on the head of each robot counts direct hits and determines the winner of the battle."

Robotic Cutie

Megan Fax, Sep 2, 2037

Megan writing:

"BionicKangaroo is a robot model developed and made by FaxTo in the form of a kangaroo. Applying methods from kinematics, bionics, and biomimetics, Festo's researchers and engineers studied the way kangaroos move, and applied that to the design of a robot that moves in a similar way. The robot saves energy from each jump and applies it to its next jump, much as a real kangaroo does."

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We are company that like to live and dislike bad things such as coconut and other companies.

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